• Joe DiRoma

We Are One

Any morning, when our eyes open, we are given an opportunity. An opportunity to live, to participate. Over half my life I sat on the sidelines and was a victim of circumstance. No more! Life is happening and participation is optional. We have a choice. Today I choose to love Joe. Within that choice lies the foundation for all life. For when I’m in true alignment with my being and have full acceptance of life’s uncertainty, I am no longer paralyzed by it. I lean into it with the belief that I must look forward. In this mood of ambition the possibilities for my life and this world are limitless. For I am the world and the world is me. If you look into my eyes, you will see the universe, you will see the cosmos. They are only hidden to those who don’t wish to see. Who don’t wish to see the truth that is uncovered in the eyes of their fellow man. In this connection, we are the collective, and we are more powerful than any worldly things. We are above all. I will move from eye to eye and awaken all spirits for the sake of humanity. For I am the world. I am the universe. I am love. I am light. I am life. And you are not forgotten. I am here with you. And when you move from your head to your heart, I am always with you. And you will know, I never left, but you forgot your heart. You forgot me. You forgot you. You forgot We. We are powerful. We are We. We are one. Never apart. Never forgotten. 

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