• Joe DiRoma

Moments of Gratitude

I observe myself often in moments of gratitude. I have felt these moments frequently over the last decade. It’s a choice. A conscious choice. Nothing more. You’re simply stating in a single moment that you are fully awake to your humanness. It’s full alignment of your being with the Stars in the sky, the leaves on the trees, and the green grass beneath your feet. It’s recognition of the present moment, that you are not separate from, but you are “it.” In this place of oneness, joy is available to us. For we can never choose joy, but we may find ourselves there through gratitude, like stairs. We begin our path up the stairs of gratitude and we arrive at the top. This is joy. Many times I’ve been overwhelmed and burst into tears. The emotional strength of that oneness with the universe is powerful. The physiological release of this emotion has a profound cleansing effect not only to the body but also the mind and soul. We must listen to ourselves when tears are available to us. There is much strength in this level of vulnerability. 

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