• Joe DiRoma

Get To Work

Most choose known terrors to uncertainty. This is the lie of the subconsciousness, that there is comfort in “knowing.” For it is a lie, because the future never comes, for then it is the present. There are some, like myself, that seek discomfort. We treat it as a welcomed friend. Growth is soon to follow. In these moments, it’s important to understand the balance of pain and unnecessary suffering. Once awakened, it’s clear that the pain is life. It’s a clear indicator that we are alive. Breath it in and know that you are human. Seek solace in the fact that we are the only species on this planet to feel this type of discomfort. Some may say “becoming” or others “evolving.” Regardless of what we label it, get to work. 

"Work harder on yourself than you do your job." -Jim Rohn

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