• Joe DiRoma

Connection & Creation

It is in our connection to all things within the universe where we find truth. There is a reason we feel connected at times. We join hand in hand in the creation of moments. This space allows the emergence of centralized calmness. Like two sound waves creating silence. This is no accident or coincidence. This is flow. It is available to us all at any moment. Our own minds cultivate self fulfilling thoughts that create breaks in the energy of moments. In a sense, we are breaking the creation of that moment and the consequences have a ripple in the universe. This can also be leveraged in a positive manner to enrich the spirit of all beings in our circumference. This generation derives from the soul spirit, to our intuition, to our heart intelligence, and eventually, our mind intelligence. Imagine the power of the language that is spoken from this space! As we begin to uncover the depth of the soul spirit and it’s connection to all creation in the universe we may solve many world problems. The solutions May uncover rather quickly in this space.

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