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3 Ways You Can Bring Love to Your Relationship

Relationships are all about love, right? It's not easy to keep the love alive in a relationship with kids and work. No relationship is perfect. It's a constant struggle to overcome the difficulties thrown at you and keep your love alive. It gets easier with some intention, attention, and dedication.

Here are 3 ways you can bring more love into your relationship:

  1. Make time for your partner - it's important to spend time together even if you're both busy.

  2. Don't take each other for granted - show appreciation and gratitude towards one another on a regular basis.

  3. Talk about your feelings and problems openly together. Open up to someone who knows everything about us best: our partners. There's no better way of feeling loved than when we feel like we have someone to be vulnerable with.

So read on for tips to implement and get results fast!

Make time for your partner

Relationships can be challenging, especially if you're both working hard to achieve your goals. It's important for couples to spend time together and not take each other for granted. So make some time in the evening or on weekends when one of you doesn't have anything planned - even just 15-30 minutes will do!

A huge thing my wife and I do is schedule our date on the calendar for once a month (sometimes twice :-) if we're lucky). I our goals for the year we map out one weekend getaway a quarter. If these things are not prioritized and organized together in advance, they get lost in the shuffle.

Spending one on one time together is vital for cultivating a deep connection with your partner. There's more to love than paying bills and being roommates. So act like it!

Don't take each other for granted

It seems to me that this is an important part of love, taking each other for granted. Appreciation and gratitude are important for all relationships in order to love unconditionally. You can do this by acknowledging the little things your partner does (even if they seem mundane). One way you could show appreciation is with a love note or text message that says "I love how you always..." or "I'm thinking about you."

Here's another easy yet impactful move...

If your partner cooks dinner, thank them. If they do the dishes, thank them. If they pay a bill, thank them. I know it seems simple but doing this consistently over time produces radical results by cultivating extreme thankfulness.

Talk about your feelings and problems openly together

Talking about our fears, worries, and frustrations, as difficult as it may be sometimes, is essential because it's through these conversations that we express what really matters most - which might not come out otherwise. It also helps us work on ourselves without feeling like there's something wrong with us. We need to remember that our partners want to love and support us no matter what, even if they don't fully understand how we feel.

It's important that we figure out a constructive way to talk about it with our loved ones because often the burden alone is too much of an emotional weight on our shoulders. One of my favorite sayings is, "we're only as sick as our secrets." A best practice is to schedule these conversations once a month with your partner. Going into the conversation with the expectation it will be uncomfortable and emotional is incredibly smart and healthy.

I hope you enjoyed this article on how to make your relationship stronger. If you're looking for some more resources, check out the podcast, which is launching soon! Be sure to subscribe and follow us so that we can keep the love alive. Love is limitless when two people are committed and open with one another about their feelings. We want everyone in a happy, healthy relationship from day one of meeting someone special or even if they've been together for decades like my wife and me- it doesn't take much time at all! You may be thinking, "I don’t have enough time to spend with my partner!" but we know better than anyone there's always time for No Limit Love.

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